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A Slim Me HCG



                                                         Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days! And Keep it Off!



A Slim Me HCG


I know, it sounds too good to be true, but this is different! The A Slim Me HCG weight loss program WORKS! Our clients lose from 18 to 40 pounds in 35 days. And better yet, this unique process can help correct your hypothalamus and metabolism, potentially making results permanent. You may never gain weight again!


The A Slim Me HCG program is not hard to follow. You will be eating fresh, whole foods from your grocery store and your body will be nutrient rich while on the program. Most clients report feeling better than ever!


A Slim Me HCG is a medically supervised rapid weight loss program. After your medical consultation, either in one of our clinics or by phone, one of our staff physicians will prescribe HCG in either injection or oral form. This is not homeopathic HCG. It is prescription HCG only, made here in the United States in a medical, pharmaceutical lab. If you are buying HCG that does not require a medical consultation it is not prescription strength. The FDA and FTC are currently reviewing how HCG is being used and have ruled non prescription HCG as illegal and ineffective. Many doctors including TV's Dr. Oz have encouraged people to use prescription HCG only. If you are using non prescription HCG you run the risk of going into starvation mode and burning muscle mass which will ultimately endanger your health. This will not happen with prescription HCG.


The A Slim Me HCG program lasts between 23 and 40 days depending on how much weight there is to lose.

Our staff will work on your weight loss goals with you during your consultation. Most people lose between 20 and 35 pounds during the first month. If you would like to lose more weight, you can extend your A Slim Me HCG program. We work individually with each client to determine  how long they should stay on the program. Many people hit a plateau after being on HCG for a few months. Usually, the second plateau is the body's way of signaling that it needs a break from rapid weight loss. We will take clients off the program, put them in pre-maintenance, then restart the program a few weeks later. Everyone is different and we will work with you to determine if it is time to take a break. Our staff is with you every step of your A Slim Me HCG weight loss journey!


Once your weight loss goal is reached you will follow a 4 week maintenance program. Maintenance is a critical part of the program. Our staff will coach and support you throughout this phase. This is where your body will reset the hypothalamus and create a new set point so your days of yo-yo dieting will be gone forever! After the maintenance program you can return to a normal, healthy diet without the fear of gaining weight.


Three Kinds of FAT


The body has three types of fat:


  • Structural Fat: This fat is healthy and necessary to give support to organs. It is "packing material" if you will. It provides bedding for the kidneys in soft elastic tissue, protects the coronary arteries and keeps skin smooth and taunt. It also provides a springy cushion under the bones of the feet.

  • Normal Reserve Fat: This is the stored fuel our bodies can freely draw from when we have not eaten enough food to meet the demands of our bodies. Stored reserve fat is normal and even if the body stocks them to capacity, you will not appear obese.

  • Abnormal Fat: This is the fat that causes the bulges in our waists, thighs, backs, arms and bellies. Unlike normal reserved fat, it is not available to the body in a nutritional emergency. It stays locked up in fat deposits. This is the stored fat that the A Slim Me HCG program targets first.


On most diets people burn structural fat, muscle mass and unwanted fat equally. That is why you have heard frustrated dieters say they lose weight, but not in the right places.


The A Slim Me HCG program targets abnormal fat first. Since you will be losing abnormal fat only, a small loss often looks like more. Many clients report that after losing 10 pounds it looks as though they have lost 20 pounds or more. You will lose fat from all of the unwanted places first!


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